Fort Romeau: “Insides”

Fort Romeau: “Insides”

Having impressed with a string of quality releases, not to mention his superb 2012 debut LP “Kingdoms” on 100% Silk, UK producer Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau, is back with a new album called “Insides”, which will drop on March 31 via Ghostly International. “Playing in those clubs definitely had an affect on how I approach composition and pacing. I want to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes,” says Fort Romeau.

Our first taste of “Insides” is the slow-burning title track, a perfect example of Fort Romeau doing what he does best. The 8-track album, which also features a collaboration with Irish musician/producer David Kitt, aka New Jackson, is now available for pre-order.

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