Falqo: “Across The Sea”

Falqo: “Across The Sea”

Last year, Australian producer Alexander White, aka Falqo, teamed up with Kamaliza Salamba of dance duo Olympic Ayres on a deliciously groovy track “Sleepy Crusader”. Now they’ve joined forces once again to deliver a brand-new track called “Across The Sea” full of summery, disco-tinged vibes. With its funky guitar licks, brightly shimmering synths and smooth-sailing bass tones, “Across The Sea” is just perfect for your next rides. “This song for me represents a turning point in the Falqo sound where you’ll begin to see a lot more live elements, especially when I take it all to the stage,” says Falqo.

Falqo’s new single “Across The Sea” drops on March 23 through a newly minted label called, Surfin Wavs.

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