Edizioni Mondo: “Collezione”

Edizioni Mondo: “Collezione”

What better way to spend the last day of August than listening to Edizioni Mondo’s excellent “Collezione” compilation of breezy, downtempo, Balearic-tinged gems. The 13-track compilation collects the Italian label’s four vinyl EPs that perfectly describe the seasons from Italian producer Francesco De Bellis (of Jolly Music fame) under his L.U.C.A. moniker, Mario Pierro, aka Raiders Of The Lost ARP, as ROTLA, Studio 22, and Odeon. With its first compilation, the Running Back sub-label, inspired by library music, takes us on a “journey through the rise and fall of the sun, the bright light of a spring day, the warm wind that dissolves the sand on its way to the rainy season.” You can stream the whole thing below.

Edizioni Mondo’s “Collezione” compilation is out now. Get it here.

L.U.C.A.: “Blue Marine”


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