Discodeine: ‘Extension’

Discodeine: ‘Extension’

Back in September, we gave you the radio edit of Discodeine’s new single ‘Synchronize’, featuring Jarvis Cocker’s intimate vocals. Since then, the song has been on repeat in our car stereo and became huge! Today, the French dance duo of Pilooski and Pentile unveil the extended version of ‘Synchronize’ and sounds fantastic. On December 6th, Discodeine will release the extended versions of ‘Synchronize’ and their previous single ‘Singular’ on 500 blue vinyl copies and the Jam factory remixes of ‘Synchronize’ on DFA.

‘Synchronize’ is the first single from their forthcoming full-length, due out in February 2011 on Dirty/Pschent. Watch out for the new video for ‘Synchronize’, starring Jarvis – soon to be unveiled next month.


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