Dinamo Azari: “Victim” Video

Dinamo Azari: “Victim” Video

Toronto-based producer and former Azari & III member Dinamo Azari is gearing up to drop his debut solo album “Estranged”, slated for release early next year on The Vinyl Factory. According to the label, the “music throughout ‘Estranged’ maintains the retro-tinted bubbliness of Azari’s past but also heads somewhere grittier, tougher and much further into the nightworld.” The record’s first single “Victim” is an infectious house groover that features the vocals of Azari & III’s singers Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full. You can now watch the video for the track, directed by Gigi Ben Artzi and Givon Snir.

“Toronto has a thriving, young scene and it was imperative I stay close to it. The feeling is underground, rebellious, late night warehouse and loft events. I’m staying close to my roots and the results are on the record,” says Dinamo Azari. The album “Estranged” will arrive on on The Vinyl Factory on February 16, 2016, while the “Victim” single will come out on November 6. Pre-order it here.

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