Decibels: “Regulator/Moderator (Bufi Remix)”

Decibels: “Regulator/Moderator (Bufi Remix)”

You can always count on quality from Mateo Gonzalez, aka Bufi. The Mexican disco-house producer recently dropped this superb remix of Midlands-based band Decibels’ latest single “Regulator/Moderator”. This smooth take, built around a groovy bassline, is our favorite cut on the “Regulator/Moderator” remixes EP, out now via Tronik Youth’s new label, Nein Records.

The incredibly strong remix package also features fine remixes by the likes of Mighty Mouse, Earl Grey, Hot_WAX & Damien SK, Mr. Mitsuhirato, member of the Discotexas family, and of course, Tronik Youth. Great stuff!

The “Regulator/Moderator” Remixes EP is out now. Get it here.


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