Dauwd: “Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)”

Dauwd: “Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)”

UK producer Dauwd Al Hilali, aka Dauwd, just dropped a collection of remixes of tracks from his solid “Heat Division” EP, which was released back in March through Ghostly/Pictures Music. The four-track “Heat Division Remixes” EP, featuring new versions by the likes of ex-DFA producer Tim Goldsworthy, Ostgut Ton’s Nick Höppner, and Dauwd himself. Here, we have Tim Goldsworthy’s excellent remix of the EPs title track, an almost 10-minute affair that really sounds so good. Give it a spin above. The release also includes an instrumental version of this remix.

The “Heat Division Remixes” EP is out now via Ghostly/Pictures Music. Get it here.


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