Cyclist: “Incoming Instructions”

Cyclist: “Incoming Instructions”

Get ready for a funky ride! Toronto-based producer/DJ Mark Penner, better known as Cyclist, returns to his disco roots with his new 12”, a four-track offering called “Incoming Instructions”. This effort marks his debut release for MANI/PEDI Records, which he co-runs alongside RAC’s Karl Kling. Today, we’re excited to share with you an exclusive stream of the record’s title track, which finds Cyclist in such fine form. Loose and decidedly funky, “Incoming Instructions” is a killer tune filled with live bass, disco guitar riffs and analog synth goodness. Midway through, the track makes a surprisingly shift, introducing Joel Klaverkamp’s peculiar HAL 9000-esque vocals. We’ve had it on repeat all day.

The “Incoming Instructions” 12”, which also features a cosmic space jam called “Meta” and two remixes of the title track by Italo-disco legend Alexander Robotnick and Brioski, is out now on MANI/PEDI Records. Pick up your 12” here.

Cyclist: “Heartbeat Speed” (feat. Jocelyn Alice)


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