Cut Copy presents: Oceans Apart

Cut Copy presents: Oceans Apart

Cut Copy have curated an all-Melbourne dance music compilation called “Cut Copy presents: Oceans Apart”, a 19-track snapshot of their hometown’s thriving underground dance music scene and club culture mixed by the band themselves. “We’ve always found deep inspiration in the music of our home city. It’s where Cut Copy started, as just one band in a potent community of unique and likeminded artists. But it also continues to inspire and surprise us, with great new music constantly bubbling to the surface,” says Cut Copy’s frontman, Dan Whitford. Our first taste from that forthcoming compilation is “Raw Vis Vision”, a brand-new track from NO ZU. “Cut Copy presents: Oceans Apart” will drop on November 11th via the band’s imprint Cutters Records.

Cut Copy presents: Oceans Apart tracklist:
01. Knightlife – Don’t Stop
02. Andras & Oscar – Music Is My Life
03. Michael Ozone – Oxygen
04. Statue – Statue Theme
05. Turkish Prison – Overboard
06. Ara Koufax – Brenda
07. Myles Mac – Suburban Odyssey
08. Fantastic Man – Robotic Temptation
09. NO ZU – Raw Vis Vision
10. Coober Pedy University Band – Kookaburra
11. A+O – Take Me
12. Nile Delta – Aether
13. Tornado Wallace – Circadia
14. Speed Painters – Total Person
15. Len Leise – Call of Kati Thanda
16. Bell Towers – After Party at Jackson’s House
17. World’s End Press – Feel City (Outskirts Dub)
18. Roland Tings – Swimmer
19. Sleep D – Austral Aura


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