Compuphonic: “The Sun Does Rise” (feat. Marques Toliver)

Compuphonic: “The Sun Does Rise” (feat. Marques Toliver)

Belgian house producer Maxime Firket, aka Compuphonic, keeps the warm vibes going with his new EP, a two-tracker called “Magical Shoes”, which marks his third release on Exploited after last year’s much played “Radio Atlantis” and “O Cypres”. Both tracks featuring Florida singer Marques Toliver, whose seductive vocals previously graced Maxime’s 2012 breakout hit “Sunset”. The “Magical Shoes” EP is pure Compuphonic, deep, smooth and grooving. Give “The Sun Does Rise” a spin above and ride with us.

The “Magical Shoes” EP is out now digitally via Exploited. Buy it here

Compuphonic: “Radio Atlantis”


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