Com Truise: “Diffraction”

Com Truise: “Diffraction”

Los Angeles-via-Princeton synth virtuoso Seth Haley, aka Com Truise, returns to Ghostly International with a new EP called “Silicon Tare”. Set to drop on April 1, the five-track effort sets the stage for the final chapter in a sci-fi odyssey that Com Truise began on 2011’s debut “Galactic Melt” LP and continued on 2014’s “Wave 1” EP.

According to the label, “Silicon Tare” moves Haley and the fictional Com Truise even deeper into the cosmos, discovering new lands along the way and offering a glimpse of where he may travel in the future. Our first taste from the forthcoming EP comes in the form of “Diffraction”, and it’s yet another fine example of Com Truise’s always-cinematic signature sound. Give it a spin above, and enjoy the ride.

Pre-order the “Silicon Tare” EP here.

Com Truise: “Declination” (feat. Joel Ford)


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