Classixx: “Valley Vacation”

Classixx: “Valley Vacation”

A few days ago, our favorite LA duo Classixx, Michael David and Tyler Blake, finally dropped their debut album “Hanging Gardens” and it’s definitely worth the long wait! For us, this great album is a one-way ticket to sunny California and will certainly get some serious rotations on the road this summer.

And if that’s not enough, Classixx just shared a non-LP track, called “Valley Vacation”, a sun-kissed summery jam for your next road trip. As we read, this track is a “reference to their late-night escape from their old studio, nestled in the seedy heart of L.A.’s porn industry, to their current Venice beach sanctuary”.

Give “Valley Vacation” a spin above, and make sure to check out Crazy P’s very own Chris Todd, aka Hot Toddy, incredible remix of their track “Supernature” below.

“Hanging Gardens” is out now via Innovative Leisure. Buy your copy here.


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