Charles Murdoch: “Privacy” (feat. Oscar Key Sung)

Charles Murdoch: “Privacy” (feat. Oscar Key Sung)

Next month, Australian producer Charles Murdoch, also known as a member of Brisbane’s indie dance outfit Mitzi, will drop his debut album “Point” on Future Classic. We’ve already heard and saw the videos for the quality tracks “Straws” and “Frogs”, and now we’re treated to the deep, atmospheric sounds of the record’s third single “Privacy”. Featuring the vocals talents of Melbourne’s singer-songwriter Oscar Key Sung, the track is just one more reason to get excited about his upcoming album. Charles Murdoch is always on point.

The eight-track album “Point”, which also features guest appearances from Ta-ku, Banoffe, Kučka, and Chloe Kaul, will arrive on December 11 via Future Classic. Pre-order it here.

Charles Murdoch: “Dekire” (feat. Oscar Key Sung)


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