CCFX: “The One To Wait” Video

CCFX: “The One To Wait” Video

Directed, edited by Matt Shanafelt & CCFX.

CCFX is a new supergroup out of Olympia, Washington resulting from a merger between two seminal Olympia pop music outfits; CC Dust and Trans FX. On their debut self-titled EP on DFA Records, artists Chris McDonnell, Mirče Popovic, Mary Jane Dunphe and David Jaques offer a record that is at once a showcase and aberration of what is currently coming out of the Pacific Northwest.

Recorded and (re)mixed with local OG Captain Tripps, the EP’s sound partially recalls late 90’s/early 00’s indie pop as chiming, melodic guitar parts counter and complement Mary Jane’s brilliant voice. Today, they’ve shared a retro video for their great track “The One To Wait”. The visuals, shot on black-and-white 16mm film, wistfully depict the ephemerality of time, geography, and human connection.

CCFX’s debut self-titled EP is out now on DFA Records. Buy it here.


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