Cameo Culture: “Parts Of You And I (Slow Hands Remix)”

Cameo Culture: “Parts Of You And I (Slow Hands Remix)”

Brooklyn’s Dave Robertson, best known as Soho808 with Nathanial Jay, decided that the time has come for his first solo EP on No. 19 Music under his new moniker Cameo Culture. The EP “Night Swimming” consists of two superb tracks, “Night Swimming” (feat Alyssa) and “Parts Of You And I” full of great vibes. It also includes a stunning version of “Parts Of You And I” by fellow New York producer Slow Hands, aka Ryan Cavanagh, that feels like a sunset drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Don’t get caught sleeping on this one! Expect to see more quality releases from Cameo Culture. Let’s take a ride..

Cameo Culture’s “Night Swimming” EP is out now on No. 19 Music. Get it here.

mp3: Bon Iver: “Towers” (Slow Hands Cover)
mp3: World’s End Press: “Second Day Uptown” [Slow Hands Remix]


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