Bryan Ferry: “Avonmore (Idjut Boys Remix)”

Bryan Ferry: “Avonmore (Idjut Boys Remix)”

Last month, we shared Leo Zero’s great remix of Bryan Ferry’s “Loop De Li”, the first single from his recent solo album “Avonmore”. Now, we’re treated to a quality remix of the album’s title track from London’s Idjut Boys, the dub-loving duo of Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell. This is not the first time that the pair lend their skilled hands on a Bryan Ferry song, as Idjut Boys have delivered a solid dub version of his 1985 classic hit “Don’t Stop The Dance” last year. You can grab the eight-plus minute remix of “Avonmore” for free below. Enjoy the ride.

Download here

mpFree: Bryan Ferry: “Loop De Li” [Leo Zero Remix]


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