Bottin: “Plastic Forgery”

Bottin: “Plastic Forgery”

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It’s been a long wait, but Italian disco maestro Bottin, who surely needs no introduction, has finally dropped his new album “Punica Fides” on London’s imprint Bear Funk, his first record since 2009’s concept album “Horror Disco”, inspired by horror movies soundtracks and Italo-disco. The nine-track album, which was recorded during sessions in Venice, Rome, Berlin and Ibiza, finds Bottin in top form, crafting synth-heavy quality tracks that clearly aimed at the dancefloor. It’s definitely worth the wait. “Punica Fides” features guest appearances from Steve Strange, lead singer of Visage, Lavinia Claws and fellow Italian producer Rodion.

“The album is not as soundtrack and nostalgic as Horror Disco was, I think this is a musically diverse album which ranges from synth-house, dark electronica, neo-new-wave dystopian landscapes, space disco and Italo disco. I suppose it’s more of a dance record, which reflect the past 5-6 year touring the world as a DJ, as well as the will of creating my own musical bubble”, says Bottin. To celebrate the release of “Punica Fides”, the mighty producer has offered up the radio edit of “Plastic Forgery”, one of the album’s highlights, for free download. Grab it now!

Download here

Bottin’s third LP “Punica Fides” is out digitally on June 2 via London’s label, Bear Funk.
You can pre-order your copy here.


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