Black Yaya: “Paint A Smile On Me”

Black Yaya: “Paint A Smile On Me”

The fourth release on Yuksek’s new label, Partyfine comes from Black Yaya, the new pop side-project from David Ivar, frontman and songwriter of Herman Dune. For his debut EP under that moniker he delivers two fantastic electro-pop gems, “Paint A Smile On Me” and “Glad Tidings”, both reworked by none other than Yuksek.

Check out Black Yaya’s first single “Paint A Smile On Me”, a feel-good summery tune that will put a smile on your face. Here’s what the man himself had to say about it: “I wrote this love song of longing with the idea that with the lover gone, one’s smile would vanish forever, and any social agreement would require a smile to be painted on.”

Black Yaya’s “Paint A Smile On Me” EP will drop on September 9th via Partyfine.


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