Black Marble: “Johnny and Mary”

Black Marble: “Johnny and Mary”

Chris Stewart covers Robert Palmer’s classic “Johnny and Mary”.

Black Marble, aka the synth-pop project of L.A.’s Chris Stewart, returns with a new EP of cover songs, titled “I Must Be Living Twice”, set to drop on August 14th via Sacred Bones Records. The five-track “I Must Be Living Twice” EP was recorded shortly after 2019’s full-length album “Bigger Than Life”.

In his own words: “I’ve always loved the cover song aspect of live performance. Most musicians are fans first and covers are a way for bands to show this. They can add an improvisational tone to an otherwise rehearsed feeling set, and give a sense that songs are owned not only by the people who write them but by the fans that know them and the other musicians that take influence from them.”

Before the EP drops, we’re treated to Black Marble’s superb cover version of Robert Palmer’s classic “Johnny and Mary”. Give it as spin below.

Pre-order the “I Must Be Living Twice” EP here.


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