Benny & Gain Presents…

Benny & Gain Presents…

[Artwork by Forces Creative]

It has been quite some time since we’ve heard from London-based disco duo Benny & Gain, but today, we’re treated to a new free-to-download compilation EP, simply entitled “Benny & Gain Presents…”, the follow-up to their superb EP “Suave Soirée Edits”, which saw a release earlier this year.

This time round, Benny & Gain have approached a few of their favorite artists in the re-edit business and offered up a fine collection of tracks with deep, slow-mo and house vibes. The “Benny & Gain Presents…” EP features four, well-crafted tunes by the likes of Edit Murphy, Debonair, Basement Love, and Benny & Gain themselves. We can’t ask for more!

Not surprisingly, the EP has a groovy, laid-back feel and sounds perfect for an evening’s drive. The full EP can be grabbed using the SoundCloud player below. It’s certainly worth the download. Soak it up!


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