Axel Boman: “Eyes Of My Mind” Video

Axel Boman: “Eyes Of My Mind” Video


A wonderful video made by long-time Studio Barnhus
associate Malin Gabriella Nordin. 

Swedish producer and Studio Barnhus label co-founder Axel Boman is back with his sublime new single “Eyes Of My Mind”. Part world-unifying house music psychedelia anthem, part collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk, the single comes hand-in-hand with a video made by long-time Studio Barnhus associate Malin Gabriella Nordin.

Axel Boman’s initial sketch (made during sessions at Future Classic Studios in LA) was sent to his good friend Malin Gabriella Nordin, who found herself obsessed with the track’s twirling drums, softly flowing melodics, big booya bass and mind-expanding message. The Stockholm-based visual artist put the track on loop, started drawing and painting to sound and wouldn’t quit until 455 individual works lay before her. These images were then animated to create the video version of “Eyes Of My Mind” – they will also be exhibited at Stockholm gallery Steinsland-Berliner. A print magazine featuring 44 of the paintings is also available in limited edition.

The two-track “Eyes Of My Mind” EP is out now via Studio Barnhus. Buy it here.


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