Atari Teenage Riot: “J.One M.One (Andrew Weatherall Remix)”

Atari Teenage Riot: “J.One M.One (Andrew Weatherall Remix)”

It’s not everyday that we get to hear a new remix from London’s iconic DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall, so we’re pretty excited about his classy rework of Berlin’s digital hardcore trio Atari Teenage Riot “J.One M.One”, transforming the original song into an eight-plus-minute hypnotic ride. The remix will appear on the band’s forthcoming “Modern Liars” EP, which drops on October 6th. The release also features remixes by Klaxons and Fuck Buttons. You can pre-order your copy here.

mpFree: Emiliana Torrini: “Speed Of Dark” [Andrew Weatherall Remix]


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