Casey Spooner, one half of the recently disbanded electroclash duo Fischerspooner, has returned with his new single “I Love My Problems”, featuring Evan Hughes, which is described as “a celebration of the perfection of perceived imperfections that make us human.” Now, the track gets the remix treatment by Boys’ Shorts, the production duo of Vangelis, one half of LAGASTA and Greek-born, London-based producer and DJ Tareq, who deliver two club-ready versions of “I Love My Problems” for the dancefloor and the basement. Today, we’re delighted to share with you Boys’ Shorts “Basement ” remix of the track, which find the pair infusing the tune with an extra dose of dancefloor power, delivering a seven-minute peak-time heater. That’s the way we like it. Blast it above!

Casey Spooner’s “I Love My Problems” is out now. Get it here.

Larry Gus – Taped Hands Here (Boys’ Shorts Remix)

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Interview + Mix: Acid Washed

January 21st, 2011

Good boys go to heaven. Bad boys go everywhere. That’s right. French duo Acid Washed have taken us everywhere with the sounds of their self-titled debut album, which was released on Record Makers last year. The duo of Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert creates a fusion of late nineties filter house and DFA disco anthems that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit. The brilliant visuals of Anthony Burrill fit perfectly with their music. Acid Washed are coming for the first time to Thessaloniki, Greece today (21/1) at Partizan as a special guest of the very popular ‘Can You Relate?’ parties. They will bring cosmic tunes for the party tonight…

La.Ga.Sta.: It all started with ‘General Motors, Detroit, America’. Is there any story behind this track?
Andrew Claristidge: We made this track when GM went bankrupt. Detroit has a strong meaning when you make electronic music: techno was invented over there. This track is about this. It is kinda an homage to this city.
Richard D’Alpert: I always wanted to create an anthem which would express the soul of the XXe century, which is I think the industrialization, and its heart, the working class people. I grew up in a very industrialized area, I’ve seen it live, and I’ve seen it dying. If we add a musical incarnation – here, the Detroit techno movement, lead by some proeminent Black musicians like in UR – then we have the perfect expression of my intention. I’ve always wanted to make that track as a dedication. And thanks to Andrew, we made it possible.

Why Acid Washed?
Andrew Claristidge: Cause it sounds great! It is also good memories from my childhood and something I would not wear anymore.
Richard D’Alpert: Because of my friend Jenny, who found the name!

Could you imagine your music without visuals?
Andrew Claristidge: In a way yes and in another way no! In a car driving across great landscapes in the US. But what Anthony Burrill did for us is fitting so well. The visuals are so perfect with the music.
Richard D’Alpert: They both interact, and for me they are definitely part of the same genesis.

What has influenced you in the past years?
Andrew Claristidge: Too many influences to mention one.
Richard D’Alpert: The American Repetitive music scene (Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Adams, etc.), the NDW & the Beach Boys.

What excites you in today’s French electronic scene?
Andrew Claristidge: Still Daft Punk, Koudlam, Turzi, Arnaud Rebotini, Digikid84, Danton Eeprom, the Social Club…But there are so many more! The French has advanced like never before
Richard D’Alpert: My mate Kavinsky and his next album, Romain Turzi, Youngunz, the scene around the Social Club, the House of Moda parties organized by Arnaud Lassince, and many things more! Oh and yeah, La Gaîté Lyrique, the new upcoming place of music & numeric arts, and a label: InFiné.

Paris or Berlin? Which city inspires you most?
Andrew Claristidge: Berlin cause I am living here and Paris cause I am not living there. Those 2 cities are both inspiring, I can not make a choice.
Richard D’Alpert: Berlin for the chill. But definitely Paris for the thrill.

What turns you on?
Andrew Claristidge: My fiancée. And every kinda analog gear!
Richard D’Alpert: Travelling all the time. The infinite complexity, magic of the world’s landscapes, and faces of its people.

Which is your favorite destination?
Andrew Claristidge: Back to Berlin.
Richard D’Alpert: Los Angeles.

Which song do you love to listen to while drive your car?
Andrew Claristidge: Sebastien Tellier’s ‘La Ritournelle’ and Alan Vega’s ‘Shadazz’.
Richard D’Alpert: ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky and ‘Scheherazade’ by Rimsky-Korsakov.

What’s your plans for 2011?
Andrew Claristidge: Be better than I was in 2010.
Richard D’Alpert: Make it till 2012. And finishing my movie on time!

Acid Washed have made a mix exclusive for La.Ga.Sta. It features the new Anteros & Thanaton killer remix of Washed’s ‘Change’. Download it now!

Acid Washed La.Ga.Sta. Mix Tracklist:
01. Snoop Doggy Dogg: ‘Sensual Seduction’
02. Moullinex: ‘Catalina’
03. Eli Escobar: ‘Love Thing Part 3’ [Mike Simonetti Remix]
04. The Glimmers: ‘U Rocked My World’ [Pete Herbert & Tristan De Cuna Remix]
05. Ian O´Donovan: ‘A Modern Romance’
06. Sharam Jey: ‘Turning Back’
07. Acid Washed: ‘Change’ [ Anteros & Thanaton Remix]

Download the mix here.

As a bonus, here’s Acid Washed’s latest remix of Casey Spooner’s new single ‘Spanish Teenager’ for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Casey Spooner feat. Jake Shears: ‘Spanish Teenager’ [Acid Washed Remix] [mp3]

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Casey Spooner + Tareq

September 7th, 2010

Greek-based electronic artist and disco lover Tareq wanted to be a Spanish Teenager and he finally made it. Casey Spooner (of Fischerspooner) trusted him to remix his new single, ‘Spanish Teenager’, featuring Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, from his forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Adult Contemporary’. The result is simply amazing and we are happy to share it with you. Tareq transforms the rockish tune into a 7 minute dancefloor killer! Hear for yourself.

Casey Spooner feat. Jake Shears – Spanish Teenager (Tareq Remix)

Download it here

In other news, Casey Spooner is touring in the US with Scissor Sisters and he is due to shoot the music video for ‘Spanish Teenager’ with Luke Gilford and Logan TV in Los Angeles this Thursday, before his DJ set at Reworks Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece on September 18th.

Tareq’s debut album, ‘Cocoon’, (Marsheaux and Lacquer guests), is out now on Undo Records. Check out more tracks on his MySpace page.

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