It’s not their first collaboration and hopefully, it’s not their last, because every time these three come together, another great thing is created! Chilean producer Alejandro Paz and Berlin-based duo Local Suicide deliver a new ominous and ethereal EP on Nein Records.

“Peacock” is here with gritty beats and energetic vocals sure to spark revitalization in the new wave scene. Alejandro from Santiago de Chile is known for his vibrant stage presence, dazzling vocals, and his relentless grooves. In combination with the underground, energetic fusion, Munich-born Brax Moody and Thessaloniki native Vamparela of Local Suicide, offer this united work to create dexterity and elasticity within the slow techno and acid house genre. The “Peacock” EP features the title track and three striking remixes by Tronik Youth, Stockholm Syndrome, and Gegen Mann.

Today we are excited to premiere Tronik Youth’s amazing upbeat and percussive remix of “Peacock”. The prolific UK producer and Nein Records boss Neil Parnell makes “Peacock” brighter, offering up a synth forward dance variation. The harsh snare drum alongside this fantastic electro bassline and the electroclash vocals give the track an industrial touch. Get ready to dance and push the repeat button! Listen to the track above and enjoy the ride!

The “Peacock” EP will be out on Beatport July 3rd and released everywhere July 17th via Nein Records. Pre-order it here.

Words: Elice

Kalipo & Local Suicide: Wunderbar (Italo Brutalo Remix)

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La.Ga.Sta. Top 10 November 2015

December 11th, 2015

It’s that time again! Check out our monthly list of the 10 most downloaded tracks from the past 30 days or so on La.Ga.Sta. It features some great tunes from The Rapture’s Vito Roccoforte (of Vito & Druzzi) and Xavier, Movement, AKASE, Satin Jackets, Debonair, and more. As always, this is your monthly chart. Be sure to check out each of the mpFrees that made it in our top 10 downloads of November below. Stay gas!

Top 10 November 2015:

01. Hall & Oates: “I Can’t Go For That” [Vito & Xavier No Teeth, No Marks Mix]
02. Movement: “Lace”
03. AKASE: “Under The Pressure” [The War On Drugs Cover]
04. Scavenger Hunt: “Kiss Me Clean” [Satin Jackets Remix]
05. Debonair: “Find The Ocean”
06. Wild & Free: “River Of Nile”
07. Homework: “The Goodbye”
08. Cyril Hahn: “Last” [Project Pablo Remix]
09. Finnebassen: “Vi Nå”
10. Edit Service 63: Alejandro Paz

Top 15 October 2015

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Edit Service 63: Alejandro Paz

November 10th, 2015

Chilean producer and DJ Alejandro Paz delivers the next installment of I’m a Cliché’s ongoing “Edit Service” series, a superb rework of “Sin Disfraz” by the renowned Argentinian rock band Virus. As always, you can download it for free below. Enjoy the ride.

Download it here.

Edit Service 61: Front De Cadeaux

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