Floating Points: “Anasickmodular” Video

October 28th, 2019

Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, has shared a video for his track “Anasickmodular” that gives a brief glimpse into the visual world created by Hamill Industries. The clip was filmed during rehearsals at Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona, last September. The track “Anasickmodular” is lifted from Floating Points’ second album “Crush”, his first album in four years, following his excellent 2015 debut LP “Elaenia”.

“This music video dives us into behind the scenes of the making of Floating Points’ live show, showing the machinery involved in creating the audio-reactive visuals. These are created using audio signals from a Buchla system into a modified Vectrex screen, a game console from the 80s.”

Directed and produced by Hamill Industries.

The album “Crush” is out now via Ninja Tune. Buy it here.

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