World Champion: “Avocado Galaxy”

August 28th, 2015

The newest addition to the Future Classic family is Sydney-based duo World Champion, consisting of Julian Sudek, founding member of M​ercy Arms, and Will Campion, who also played in Sydney bands Cut Silk and The Chevaliers. The two came together through a mutual love of electronica and psych-pop. Today, World Champion have shared their first-ever single called “Avocado Galaxy”, which was co-produced with Jagwar Ma’s Jono Ma. Filled with pop hooks and warm psych vibes, the track feels perfectly suited for a summer drive. And it’s yours for free.

World Champion’s debut “Avocado Galaxy” EP, which was recorded in Tamarama, will drop in October through F​uture Classic. Expect remixes of the track from Melbourne’s Tornado Wallace and Swedish maestro Dan Lissvik of Studio fame.

Download here

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