Villa x Mylo

November 8th, 2010

Villa – Beats Of Love – Mylo remix

This new Mylo remix for Villa’s cover of Nacht und Nebel’s 1984 hit single ‘Beats Of Love’ is simply amazing. It’s taken from new Villa’s ‘Beats Of Love’ remix EP, out on November 29th via Abracada with 3 exclusive remixes. More info here.

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3 Responses to “Villa x Mylo”

  1. CBEAT says:

    haha was wondering when you guys were gonna find this little gem ; )

    nice track isn’t it!

  2. Gasboy says:

    truth is, this little gem find us…;)
    Hope same will happen with the Breakbot remix of Matthew Dear…

  3. CBEAT says:

    absolutely – need that sooo bad! ; )

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