The Magician: Magic Tape 11

May 17th, 2011

Here it is, the new magic tape from our favorite Stephen Fasano, aka The Magician. It features Erol Alkan’s rework of Metronomy’s “The Bay”, Mickey’s new remix of Punks Jump Up, Moonlight Matters’ massive remix of Is Tropical’s “The Greeks”, Villa’s superb rework of Das Pop’s “The Game”, and many more. Here comes another magic summer. Grab it below and go!

Magic Tape Eleven by TheMagician

01. The Do: “Gonna Be Sick”
02. John Talabot: “Lover’s Tradition”
03. Hypnolove: “Holiday Reverie”
04. Shindu: “Happy House”
05. Punks Jump Up feat Dave 1: “Mr. Overtime” [Mickey Remix]
06. Metronomy: “The Bay” [Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework]
07. Is Tropical: “The Greeks” [Moonlight Matters Remix].
08. Penguin Prison: “Multi-Millionaire” [Pete Herbert Dub Mix]
09. Das Pop: “The Game” [Villa Remix].

Download the Magic Tape 11 here.

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