From New York to New Brunswick to the world, all aboard the Love Train! Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb’s Crew Love collective recently launched their own label, Crew Love Records. The label’s first release is an album called “Crew Love: Based on A True Story”, which featuring eleven tracks from all the Crew Love members, including Soul Clap, Wolf & Lamb, PillowTalk, Slow Hands & Tanner Ross, No Regular Play, Nick Monaco and more.

Today, we’re treated to a stream of the record’s new single, a piano-driven house groover called “Love Train” by San-Francisco house darlings PillowTalk and Boston’s finest Soul Clap. It also features No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus inimitable trumpet. Give it a spin above, and ride with us.

The album “Crew Love: Based on A True Story” will land on February 26 via !K7.
Pre-order it here.

PillowTalk: “Good Lovin'”
Soul Clap: “So Sedated” (feat. Dayonne Rollins)

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PillowTalk: “Good Lovin'”

January 5th, 2016

San-Francisco house darlings PillowTalk, comprised of Sammy D, Michael Tello and Ryan Williams, have something special to share with you, a jazzed out reimagining of “If This World Were Mine”. Taking just a vocal outro harmony sung by Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell, they have created a soulful jam complete with live instrumentation and key arrangement. These fellas just have a way of putting a new stamp on these timeless compositions.

Leonard Cohen: “Nevermind” [PillowTalk Re-Rub]


La.Ga.Sta. Top 20 Summer 2015

September 8th, 2015

It’s been a while since we shared our most popular mpFrees with all of you, but here we go again. This time round, we have compiled a list for the top 20 most downloaded tracks from the past three months on La.Ga.Sta. Featuring some great tracks from Sébastien Tellier, Moon Boots, Para One, Daphni, aka Caribou’s Dan Snaith, Du Tonc, PillowTalk, Benoit & Sergio, Daniel.T., Darius, and Mickey, amongst others, this is your summer chart. Our beloved Australian duo Bag Raiders take the top spot with their stellar single “Vapour Trails”, a track that has soundtracked many of our sunlit road trips. Check out each of the tracks that made it to the top 20 below, and ride with us.

Top 20 Downloads of the Summer 2015:

01. Bag Raiders: “Vapour Trails”
02. Moon Boots: “Magic”
03. Para One & The South African Youth Choir: “Elevation”
04. Aaliyah: “Rock The Boat” [Du Tonc Rework]
05. Leonard Cohen: “Nevermind” [PillowTalk Re-Rub]
06. Sébastien Tellier: “Comment Revoir Oursinet?” [Cesare Remix]
07. Wild & Free: “Tropique” [Daniel.T. Remix]
08. Brooklyn Express: “69” [Mickey Re-Work]
09. Jerry Folk: “Futura”
10. Jungle: “Time” [Darius Remix]

11. Jessie Ware: “Tough Love” [Benoit & Sergio Rework]
12. Oxford: “Aria”
13. Daphni: “Usha”
14. Denie Corbett: “What You Won’t Do For Love” [Jesse Rudoy Edit]
15. Shura: “White Light” [Factory Floor Remix]
16. Urulu: “TapeDrums4eva”
17. Funkadelic & Soul Clap feat. Sly Stone: “In Da Kar” [FSQ Miami Dub]
18. Wild & Free: “Low Pressure” [Falqo Remix]
19. Charles Murdoch: “SOH [Remix]
20. Gigamesh: “The Music”

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Leonard Cohen: “Nevermind (PillowTalk Re-Rub)”

July 2nd, 2015

San-Francisco’s PillowTalk, a trio of all thing deep, funky and soulful, delivers a fine re-rub of Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind”, a song that soundtracks True Detective’s season 2 opening credits and first appeared on his 2014 album “Popular Problems”. You can grab a free download of this rework for a limited time below. In their own words: “We knew right away that we wanted to play around with this mix. It’s very haunting and soulful all at once. The baseline carries it through these realms rather smoothly. Leonard’s spoken word over his crooning back up vocalists harkens back to Lou Reed’s “Walk on The Wild Side.”

Download here

Band Of Skulls: “Hoochie Coochie” [PillowTalk Remix]

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La.Ga.Sta. Top 15 October 2014

November 4th, 2014

[Artwork: Y. Foulias]

Hey vroomers, it’s that time again! Here’s our monthly list of the 15 most downloaded tracks from the past 30 days or so on La.Ga.Sta. It features tracks by the likes of Prins Thomas, Poolside, Movement, Dimitri From Paris, Jacques Renault, Acid Washed, Kaytranada, PillowTalk, among others. As always, this is your chart. Be sure to check out each of the mpFrees that made it in our top 15 downloads of October below. Stay gas!

Top 15 October 2014:
01. HAIM: “My Song 5” [Movement Version]
02. Midnight Magic: “Vicious Love [Dimitri From Paris Loungin’ At The Disco Instrumental]
03. Little Dragon: “Cat Rider” [Poolside Remix]
04. House Of Spirits: “Holding On” [Jacques Renault Remix]
05. Lippie: “All The Cities” [Acid Washed Remix]
06. Cos/Mes: “Natural Lifespan” [Prins Thomas Remix]
07. Stwo: “With You”
08. Weval: “Gimme Some”
09. Leon Bridges: “Coming Home”
10. Band Of Skulls: “Hoochie Coochie” [PillowTalk Remix]
11. BadBadNotGood: “Kaleidoscope” [Kaytranada’s Flip]
12. Bag Raiders: “Nairobi” [Hemingway Remix]
13. Scarlet Fantastic: “No Memory ’14” [Luke Million Remix]
14. Glass Animals: “Gooey” [Klaves Bootleg]
15. Herr Styler: “Gone” [Rework]

Top 15 September 2014

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Band Of Skulls: “Hoochie Coochie (PillowTalk Remix)”

October 9th, 2014

San Francisco trio PillowTalk have something special to share with you, a superb new remix of Band Of Skulls’ “Hoochie Coochie”, taken from their recent “Himalayan” album. There’s trumpets, funky guitar licks, a groovy bassline, and it’s every bit as delightful as you’d expect from PillowTalk. You can download this remix, plus a dub version, for free at the band’s Facebook in exchange for a “Like”.

Download here

Stream: PillowTalk & Thugfucker: “Homesick”

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Midnight Magic: “Night Flight”

August 20th, 2014

We’re big fans of Brooklyn’s cosmic disco outfit Midnight Magic here at La.Ga.Sta. We have been following them since the release of their gorgeous 2010 debut single “Beam Me Up”, and needless to say, these unstoppable disco funkers have never ceased to amaze us. With a series of quality EPs for labels like Permanent Vacation Let’s Play House and a self-released 2012 debut LP “Walking The Midnight Streets” of pure disco glory already under their belt, Midnight Magic are now getting ready to bring more of their magic to Soul Clap Records. A new five-track EP called “Vicious Love” is on the way, and is said to explore “the darker realms of the group’s disco sensibilities.”

The forthcoming record’s lead single is “Night Flight”, a late-night disco jam with Tiffany Roth’s trademark soulful vocals that finds Midnight Magic at their best. The “Night Flight” single, which comes complete with two fine remixes from Crew Love homies No Regular Play and PillowTalk, is out now. You can stream the whole thing here.

The “Vicious Love”EP will arrive on October 6th via Soul Clap Records.

mpFree: La Roux: “Uptight Downtown” [Midnight Magic Remix]

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PillowTalk & Thugfucker: “Homesick”

March 18th, 2014

San-Francisco trio PillowTalk of all thing deep, funky and soulful, have graced our pages over the past three years. After dropping a series of solid EPs on a number of labels, including Visionquest, Life And Death, and Wolf + Lamb, PillowTalk, comprised of Sammy D, Michael Tello and Ryan Williams, finally release their debut album called “Je Ne Sais Quoi” (that’s the amazing artwork above). Described as “a soundtrack to long nights, lazy days and the hazy space between sleeping and waking”, the 13-track record was unquestionably worth the wait.

“Je Ne Sais Quoi” is an eclectic album with large elements of soul, boogie, classic R&B, and house that takes the listener on a magic ride. It’s quite hard to pick a favorite track. Here, we have “Homesick”, one of the record’s standout tracks, which finds PillowTalk teaming up with New York house duo Thugfucker for a deep, emotive slow jam driven by Sammy D’s sultry vocals.

PillowTalk’s debut LP “Je Ne Sais Quoi”, which also included the singles “Lullaby” and “We All Have Rhythm” (already posted here) is out now via Wolf + Lamb.

You can stream the whole thing here.

Stream: PillowTalk: “Lullaby”

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PillowTalk: “Lullaby”

September 9th, 2013

San-Francisco house darlings PillowTalk, comprised of Sammy D, Michael Tello and Ryan Williams, make a welcome return to Wolf + Lamb Records with their new single “Lullaby”, which follows the trio’s solid EP “Far From Heaven”.

Inspired by work from acclaimed illustrator David Polonsky, “Lullaby” is something different, a track that has almost nothing to do with the PillowTalk’s previous Motown-flavored, R&B-influenced house tracks. It’s an eight-minute tune, delicate and haunting, that grows on you with every listen.

The single comes complete with two more original productions, “Can’t It Be Simple” and “We All Have Rhythm”, which finds the PillowTalk boys crafting something that’s deliciously funky. Give “We All Have Rhythm” a spin below and sing-a-long with us.

PillowTalk’s “Lullaby” is out now on Wolf + Lamb Records. Pick up your 12” here.


La.Ga.Sta.’s Top 40 Downloaded Tracks of 2012

December 28th, 2012
mpFree, News

[Artwork: Yannis Dragasakis]

Once more during this year we have been sharing with you tons of free music, and today we’re really excited to reveal La.Ga.Sta.’s Top 40 most downloaded tracks of 2012. This is a chart compiled by our readers, who by the way have great taste. We couldn’t agree more. Breakbot’s “Programme” is top of the list, followed closely by Perseus’ “Seychelles” and Chromatics’ “Kill For Love”. Of course there is more to this list. Who can drive passed beloved artists such as Todd Terje, John Talabot, Poolside, The Magician, Classixx, Moon Boots, among others, or tracks like Slow Hands’ cover of Bon Iver’s “Towers” and Pional’s remix of The Rapture’s “In The Grace Of Your Love”.
It’s been an amazing year vroomers, and this is the list that proves it. Here’s your chance to revisit 2012’s most popular mpFrees. Fill it up (once again) and stay gas all the way to 2013. Enjoy!

01. Breakbot: “Programme”
02. Perseus: “Seychelles”
03. Chromatics: “Kill For Love”
04. Lindstrøm: “Rà-àkõ-st” [Todd Terje Extended Edit]
05. Poolside: “Slow Down”
06. Moon Boots: “Sugar”
07. Lana Del Rey: “Blue Jeans” [Moonlight Matters Remix]
08. Sébastien Tellier: “Cochon Ville” [The Magician Remix]
09. John Talabot & Pional: “Braves”
10. Gossip: “Move In The Right Direction” [Classixx Remix]

11. Jessie Ware: “Night Light” [Perseus Remix]
12. Bloc Party: “Octopus” [RAC Remix]
13. Goldroom: “Fifteen” [feat. Chela]
14. Little Boots: “Every Night I Say A Prayer” [Tensnake Remix]
15. Erika Spring: “Happy At Your Gate” [Aeroplane Remix]
16. Van She: “Jamaica” [Plastic Plates Remix]
17. Bon Iver: “Towers” [Slow Hands Cover]
18. Santigold: “The Keepers” [Duke Dumont Remix]
19. Jonas Rathsman: “Since I Don’t Have You”
20. Giselle: “Silk” [Cosmic Kids Remix]

21. Cat Power: “Cherokee” [Nicolas Jaar Remix]
22. Miike Snow: “The Wave” [Flight Facilities Mix]
23. Ladyhawke: “Sunday Drive” [Gigamesh Remix]
24. Aeroplane: “Caramellas” [Joakim Dub]
25. RAC: “Hollywood” [feat. Penguin Prison]
26. The Rapture: “In The Grace Of Your Love’ [Pional Remix]
27. Gypsy & The Cat: “Bloom”
28. Jupiter: “One O Six” [A.N.D.Y. Remix]
29. PillowTalk: “Sunny”
30. Tame Impala: “Apocalypse Dreams”

31. Todd Terje: “Swing Star Pt. 1”
32. Van She: “Idea Of Happiness” [SebastiAn Remix]
33. Isaac Tichauer: “Doing What I Got”
34. Bondax: “Baby I Got That” [Justin Martin’s Endless Summer Remix]
35. Julio Bashmore: “Troglodytes”
36. Tycho: “A Walk” [Kolombo Remix]
37. Simian Mobile Disco: “Seraphim”
38. Twin Shadow: “Five Seconds”
39. Midnight Magic: “Same Way I Feel”
40. Purity Ring: “Obedear”

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