Marius: “Rounds”

September 9th, 2013

Remember Marius? The talented Amsterdam-based producer has been relatively quiet since the release of his fantastic six-track debut EP “Things We Did” on NON Records, an affair full of densely layered, electro and cinematic sounds.

Now Marius, who also contributed a great mixtape for our mix series, returns to the same label with a new single, called “Rounds”, and it’s a beautiful piece well-suited for early-morning driving and definitely worth a listen. Give it a spin above.

“Rounds” will drop on September 18th via NON Records.


La.Ga.Sta. OFF The Road #11

April 9th, 2012
mpFree, News

OFF we go again. For those who missed it, here is our latest radio show “OFF The Road #11” on OFF Radio. We’ll be back for more rides on Saturday, April 21 (22.00-23.00 EET). Artwork by Dimitris Lyras. Until then, stay gas.

01. Boys From Patagonia – Rimini ’80
02. Perseus – Love In Zanzibar
03. The KDMS – Wonderman (Justus Köhncke Remix feat. Alexis Taylor)
04. NSFW- Let U Go
05. Only Children – Down Fever
06. Zimmer – Bay Bridge (Moon Boots Remix)
07. Nicholas – Love Message
08. The Meckanism – Missing Love
09. Joe Goddard – Gabriel feat. Valentina (Soulwax Remix)
10. Marius – Come With Me (Louis La Roche Remix)
11. Siriusmo – Doctor Beak

Download “OFF The Road #11” here (83 mb)

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Interview + Mixtape: Marius

November 22nd, 2011
Interviews, Mixtapes

Marius – Staniel Cay by nonrecords

“Cinematic, layered, bass, monumental, sensitive”. Meet Marius, a talented young producer from Amsterdam. We first heard about Marius a few weeks ago, when Pharao Black Magic dropped his stunning track “Staniel Cay” on their La.Ga.Sta. mixtape and we were immediately struck by his electro and cinematic sounds. Since then Marius has stormed the world with his debut EP “Things We Did” (you can preview the whole thing here), out now on digital and vinyl through NON Records. This excellent six-track EP sounds like the perfect soundtrack either to driving around the city at night, with no particular destination, or to a sci-fi movie that has not been made yet, it’s up to you. We’re pretty sure you’ll love him too. NON Records’ wonderkid recently celebrated the vinyl release of his EP, supporting Com Truise at his Paradiso gig. Now Marius pulled over at La.Ga.Sta. for a little chat about the “things he did”, his unique sound and futures plans. Also, he was kind enough to make us an awesome 30-minute mixtape of influences, inspirations and favorite tracks. Check out the interview below and make sure you grab his track “Yester” for free. The future looks bright. Go Marius!

La.Ga.Sta.: What made you decide to turn to music in the first place?

Marius: The bass guitar. I played along with all the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was 14. A year later I was using software to record guitar and bass loops, piling them up to create abstract tracks. I think I’ve made a few hundred snippets that I would listen to while biking to school. But it was no decision, it all evolved quite naturally. All my off hours I spent making music in my bedroom and later with friends in dark rehearsal studios with lots of beer. Those environments worked quite addictive to me. There was no way back.

Tell us something about your debut EP “Things We Did”…

Well, it is the conclusion of the last two years and the start of something new. I got started producing for this EP when we set up the label in 2009. Many tracks where added and skipped to come to this EP. I’ve tried to make what ever I liked to at that time, without dealing with genres or a limitation of instruments. In the end it was all about selecting tracks that go well together. It is my first release on NON Records and a quite varied starting point for me to find out how it will develop from here. Now it has a lot to do with the way it’s perceived by others. From the studio to the world is an interesting step and I guess this will influence the future approach in a good way.

If your first release was a movie which was would it be?

It’s hard to define. A combination of scenes from The Big Blue, The Abyss and Lost Highway.

What has influenced you the most?

Childhood. Not because of traumatic experiences but the images and situations you remember and the feelings that are attached. For instance Dutch children’s television was great.

Five words to describe Marius…

Cinematic, layered, bass, monumental, sensitive.

What is your favorite sound?

The tune that the Dutch Railways play before they announce a delay.

What turns you on?

A sweaty crowd screaming to the club owner to put the lights off and the volume back up.

Which are your favorite tracks at the moment?

Renkas – Christabella (a great track from my labelmate at NON Records). Apart from that my musical taste of the moment is to be found in the mixtape I present here on La.Ga.Sta.

Which is your favorite destination?

I would love to actually visit Staniel Cay some day.

If you had the power to travel in time and space, where and when would you go?

The future, that’s for sure. Let’s say a hundred years from now? Don’t know a specific location but I guess once there it will be quite easy to get anywhere you want.

What is your moto in life?

Fuck it.

What are your plans for the rest of 2011?

Play, play, play. DJing, remixing, working on new tracks and develop my live shows more by playing live as much as possible.

Marius – Yester

Download it here

01. Mr. Flash – Powerlight
02. Jellphonic feat. Zacky Force Funk – 100 Snakes (Vox)
03. In Flagranti – I Can Thrill & Delight
04. Slice & Soda – Moments In House
05. Poka – Believe
06. Siriusmo – Feed My Meatmachine
07. AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
08. Ceephax Acid Crew – Life Funk
09. Housemeister – Hirschkeule
10. Kelis Feat. Too Short – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)
11. The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me
12. Squarepusher – Tommib

Download it here

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