[Premiere] Franz Matthews: “All I Wanted”

November 20th, 2019

Words: Elice

What do you need to have a special ride? Fuel, lots of fuel! And our beloved friends over at Days Of Being Wild offer us some of their magical fuel as they celebrate the 10 years of their prolific existence in the electronic music scene by releasing a terrific compilation. Franz Kirmann and Samuel Berdah have managed through all these years to establish the London based label worldwide by releasing music from artists as varied as Fairmont, Kiwi, Justin Robertson, Nhar, Offset, or Middle Sky Boom while commissioning remixes from the likes of It’s A Fine Line, Chloé, Marcus Marr or more recently Ewan Pearson, V and Fabrizio Mammarella. You can already sense the variety in the label’s taste and the kinds of music they admire and tend to release. And all this qualitative and rich diversity is reflected in the brand new “Ten Years Of Being Wild” compilation. You will love it; it’s inevitable!

Today, we’ re psyched to premiere Franz Matthews’ “All I Wanted”, which is one of our favorites. The Berlin-based, French DJ and producer weaves a serene and dreamy sound carpet. A from-the-very-first-second capturing laid-back track with an atmospheric breeze of skewed samba air, a light swing rhythm beat, ethereal vocals, airy synth riffs and a variety of melodic sounds that transfer you to an idyllic landscape where you simply forget all your worries. And that fantastic heavenly glockenspiel! It’s a beautiful trip, and so is the whole compilation! Enjoy the ride!

The “Ten Years OF Being Wild” compilation arrives on December 9th via Days Of Being Wild. Pre-order it here.


Words: Elice

It was six months ago when Berlin producers Franz Matthews and Local Suicide joined forces and made their debut on Eskimo Recordings. The “Meditation / Tutan Jamon” EP is a psychedelic disco trip, unconventional and alluring at the same time. Can this trip go further; With Eskimo and its genie everything is possible.

The remixes are here and today we’re so excited to premiere a superb remix of “Tutan Jamon” by Chaim from Tel Aviv. It’s not just that Chaim is one of our beloved artists. It’s also the fact that whatever he does he’s one step ahead, finding himself at the forefront of a booming electronic music culture. The original track “Tutan Jamon” is an exotic, mysterious track and Chaim transforms its dark mood into a groovier one, with an extra dose of hypnotic disco vibes, echoing vocals, without getting off the magical carpet and still offering an amazing Egyptian ride “in the land of the moving sand”. Blast it above!

Franz Matthews & Local Suicide’s “Meditation / Tutan Jamon” Remixes, which also features reworks by the likes of Manfredas, NTEIBINT and The Oddness, drops on 20th September via Eskimo Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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