Rogue Vogue: “When I Looked At You”

June 28th, 2012
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Absolutely brilliant track from Chicago’s newest jackin’ & swingin’ producer Rogue Vogue. His first original track brand new jam “When I Looked At You” has already been featured on The Magician’s magic tape 24 and it will be released very soon via French Express. Rogue Vogue’s latest great remix of Radio Ink’s “Who We Are Tonight” is still available for free download below. Stop driving, start voguing!

Update: Download here

mp3: Radio Ink: “Who We Are Tonight” [Rogue Vogue Remix]

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7 Responses to “Rogue Vogue: “When I Looked At You””

  1. tropicool says:

    not his first original. Theres sunshinin’ and breezy and a bunch of other originals. He’s also 1/3 of hey champ!

    love ur blog by the way!

  2. Gasboy says:

    many thanks tropicool 🙂
    we dig all of his previous tracks. According to French Expess this track is his first original.
    love your mixtapes, très cool!

  3. tropicool says:

    yah dunno why leon said that- maybe he meant the first track he did that will be put out on french express. BTW the first track on the new magic tape is a French express jam too. Its isaac ticher 🙂

    im gonna send u guys my new mix tape tomorrow or the next day- I have exclusives from goldroom, moon boots, rogue vogue, D.O.O, and a few others in there.

    cheers guys!

  4. tropicool says:

    ah nm, u guys already knew that about tischer…hah sorry

  5. Gasboy says:

    yes, maybe it’s his first official release via French Express.
    no worries about isaac 🙂


  6. stereo says:

    Someone simply had to do this, so I was happy to oblige!

  7. Gasboy says:


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