[Premiere] World’s End Press: “Tall Stories (Bottin Remix)”

November 2nd, 2015

If there was a track that we’ve been playing on repeat mode on our car stereo for a while now, it would definitely be “Tall Stories”, a great tune of upbeat melodies and hook-laden grooves, by Melbourne’s three-piece World’s End Press. Taken from their recently release six-track of the same name, “Tall Stories” is arguably one of their strongest tracks to date.

Today, we’re psyched to share with you an exclusive stream of a classy remix of “Tall Stories” from Italian disco maestro Bottin, who never fails to disappoint. On his remix, Bottin injects the original track with an extra dose of synths and strings to deliver a serious dancefloor heater with his unmistakable style. Give the six-minute remix of “Tall Stories” a spin above, and just in case you missed it, watch the Alex Badham-directed video below.

World’s End Press’ “Tall Stories EP is out now on Liberation. Buy it here.

Video: World’s End Press: “Tall Stories”

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