Moon King: “Free Time (Cooper Saver’s Mix)” Video

March 26th, 2020

SOBO’s 10th record is here. The label, founded by Patrick Holland, the Canadian DJ/producer formerly known as Project Pablo, will drop a new EP, “Voice of Lovers SOBO Mixes”, of alternate dance remixes of Moon King’s album “Voice Of Lovers”, released last year via Montreal label Arbutus Records. The record features mixes of Moon King’s tracks “Free Time” and “6 Months” from three long time companions: Dane, Cooper Saver and SOBO’s own Patrick Holland.

Smashing out the gate is LA’s producer/DJ Cooper Saver mix of “Free Time”. His signature percussion and arp combo barrels down the scope of the song without ever coming up for air. Aptly chosen as the lead single, this mix gets a cool video by Jordan “Dr.Cool” Minkoff. Watch it above.

Moon King’s “Voice of Lovers SOBO Mixes” EP drops on April 10th via SOBO.
Pre-order it here.

Cooper Saver & Patrick Holland: “How About”

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