Michoacan: “Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka Remix)”

October 18th, 2012

Originally released in 2006 on Lectroluv, Michoacan’s, aka Fernando Miranda Rios from East Palo Alto, California, wicked tune “D.S.S.G.” (Disco Sucks So Good) is now being treated to a reissue from the mighty Eskimo Recordings complete with new remixes by Martin Dubka, Tiger Stripes and Kasper Bjørke. The standout tune on this new EP is Martin Dubka’s sublime take on the original track, which sounds quite impressive. Yes, his remix sucks so good! This hardworking London-based producer/DJ has already produced Ali Love’s “Love Harder” album and Tyson’s debut LP for Back Yard Recordings. Can’t wait to hear more of his stuff.

Michoacan’s “Disco Sucks So Good” EP drops on October 29 via Eskimo Recordings.

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