Luke Jenner: “You’re Not Alone” Video

April 1st, 2020

The Rapture’s Luke Jenner is back with his new solo album, entitled “1”. Before it drops in May, we’re treated to the record’s first single, a wonderful track called “You’re Not Alone”, an invitation to more. The single arrives with a video with illustration by Tara Relax.

The 10-track record is commanding yet generous in its vision. It follows Jenner’s personal history – from the trauma of child abuse in his family to the happiness he seeks in his own family now and in the community of survivors that sustain him – within the context of rock history and the music that sustained him there as well. In Luke Jenner’s own words: “I made this record to bring together my family, friends and music into one thing. Not to hurt anyone, not to call anyone out. But simply to have a conversation with those who want to have a conversation with me.”

Directed by BJ Rubin & Tara Relax

Luke Jenner’s “1” arrives on May 15th via Manono Records. Pre-order it here

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