La.Ga.Sta. Top 10 March 2016

April 7th, 2016

Here’s our monthly list of the most downloaded tracks on La.Ga.Sta., featuring Nils Frahm, Peaking Lights, Daniel.T., Gigamesh, Mall Grab, and more. Taking the top spot this time around is Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Cooper Saver with his ace remix of HEALTH “Stonefist”. Check out each of the tracks that made it to the top 10 below, and stay gas!

Top 10 March 2016:

01. HEALTH: “Stonefist” [Cooper Saver Remix]
02. Peaking Lights: “Conga Blue”
03. De Lux: “Oh Man The Future” [Daniel.T. Remix]
04. Nils Frahm: “Solo Remains”
05. Gigamesh: “Control” [feat. Caroline Smith]
06. Mall Grab: “Father”
07. Sasha Jan Rezzie: “Thinking Too Loud?”
08. Baby Alpaca: “Will I Ever See You Again?”
09. NO ZU: “Spirit Beat” [STATUE Reconstruction]
10. Debukas: “Coloured Lines”

Top 10 February 2016

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