La.Ga.Sta. Mix 01: Drop Out Orchestra

February 1st, 2011

[Artwork: Pluto]

Drop Out Orchestra La.Ga.Sta. Mix by Last Gas Station

We’ve featured Drop Out Orchestra many times in our station, so it couldn’t be better to kick off La.Ga.Sta. mix series with them. With their debut album, ‘We Are Dropouts’, their stunning ‘International Track’ and amazing reworks, from Rick Astley to Sex Pistols, the mysterious Swedish outfit turned the world upside down. So, here is Drop Out Orchestra’s La.Ga.Sta. mixtape, a 60 min mix full of slo-mo disco tunes, reworks and a couple of exclusives. We hope you like it as much as we do. Fill it up and enjoy!

01. Modern Folk Uclusu feat. Aysegul Aldinc: ‘Donme Dolap’ [Baris K Edit]
02. Cortex: ‘The Freaks’ [Drop Out Orchestra Rework // Club Cut]
03. Drop Out Orchestra: ‘Release Myself’ [Beatfanatic Remix]
04. Martin Brodin: ‘Badabing’ [diskJokke Remix]
05. Drop Out Orchestra: ‘West Gothic Climax’ [Dana Bergquist Remix]
06. Cool Million feat. Leroy Burgess: ‘Cool Million’ [Ilija Rudman Dub]
07. Sex Pistols: ‘Pretty Vacant’ [Drop Out Orchestra Rework // Special Edit]
08. Loose Joints: ‘Tell You (Today)’
09. Bileo: ‘You Can Win’ [Drop Out Orchestra Edit]
10. Beatfanatic: ‘Goin Out’ [Drop Out Orchestra Whiskey Rework]
11. Casual Encounters: ‘Million Dollar Smile’
12. Vicky “D”: ‘This Beat Is Mine’

Download the mix HERE.

Drop Out Orchestra’s new release ‘West Gothic Climax’ is out now. Buy your copy here.

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