K.BHTA Winter Mixtape

January 10th, 2011

K.BHTA Winter Mixtape by KBHTA

Exclusive: La.Ga.Sta.’s favorite Greek electronic musician K.Bhta shares with us his new winter mixtape. This is the soundtrack for our winter rides. Download it and drive slow…

This is the coastal scent of her
What’s left from this winter coat
When she jumped, she probably thought she could fly
And she did
Among the reflections

K.BHTA winter mixtape tracklisting:
01. Painting / SLOWDIVE
02. Quello Che Conta / LUIGI TENCO
03. Your Wish Is My Command / CLYDE BROWN
04. The Year Of The How-To Book / EAGLE SEAGULL
05. Unfinished Business / BOY GEORGE
06. Camille / GEORGE DELERUE , Le Mépris O.S.T.
07. Heirloom / SUFJAN STEVENS
08. Six Cold Feet Of Ground / MAGIC ARM
09. Destitution / CAMERA OBSCURA
10. Bleecker Street / SIMON AND GARFUNKEL
11. A Touch Sweet Pleasure / TRISOMIE 21
12. Throw Your Arms Around Me / SUMMER FICTION
13. The Bright New Year / BERT JANSCH
14. Midnight Cowboy Theme / JOHN BARRY

Download K.Bhta’s winter mixtape HERE.

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2 Responses to “K.BHTA Winter Mixtape”

  1. coocoo says:

    i don’t drive.u drive me..*****

  2. ad axem says:

    in the first day of winter, the last day of fall
    we love in the darkness and dance in the snow
    we drink to the visions of heaven’s colliding

    after summer we fall

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