Interview: Scenic

August 22nd, 2011

It all started with the brilliant track “This Can’t Be”, which was released through Joakim’s Tigersushi label back in December. If we had been living in Australia this song would have been our soundtrack for the summer. That’s how we met Scenic, a new four-piece band from Perth, Australia, who recently signed to Future Classic. Their first EP “Another Sky”, which features two blissed out songs “Another Sky” and “Endless Days” and a floor-friendly remix by The Magician, is out now and sounds no less than “an abstract journey of drifting, floating, dreaming and falling in love”. Scenic (Adam Tucker, Eric Harrison, Doug Armstrong, and Nicholas Harrison) pulled over at La.Ga.Sta. for a little chat about how they found their way to…another sky. We love these guys.

La.Ga.Sta.: How did you guys meet and end up making music together?

Scenic: The typical story, Eric, Doug and I (Adam) met battling through afternoons in our school concert band. We originally shared and swapped records with each other, which developed into making music together. Then last year we unearthed the drumming talent of Eric’s brother Nick.

What’s the story behind your name?

Living in Western Australia we are greatly inspired by the scenery so we naturally try to create soundtracks to the views around us. Also we used to be called something extremely long winded and confusing so Scenic suited us well.

Tell us something about your new EP “Another Sky”…

There are two originals “Another Sky” and “Endless Days”. Both of which were recorded in a studio we set up in a beach house in a small community south of Perth. They’re both written about places we’ve been and people we’ve met. The two originals are also accompanied by a stellar remix by The Magician, who is one of our favorite artists right now.

How did you come into working with Future Classic?

Future Classic have been making waves in Australia and internationally. They’re an exciting label and are not afraid to push the boundaries, which suits us as a band perfectly. Also they are super nice guys and when we heard they liked “Another Sky” it was the obvious choice to team up with them.

What has influenced you the most?

Southern bound road trips with good company and good music. Rolling Hills, desert oceans and colourful skies.

Five words to describe Scenic?


What excites you in today’s Australian music scene?

The Australian music scene is as vibrant as ever with great independent labels like Future Classic, Cutters and Spinning Top leading the charge. These independent labels are giving exciting new projects voice and a platform. And then of course bands like Tame Impala, Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts continue to push global boundaries.

Which is your favourite destination?

We recently travelled through parts of Europe and really enjoyed Paris, for the people and parties, and Croatia for its beauty.

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?

Allbrook/Avery – Empty
LCD Soundsystem – Freak Out/Starry Eyes
Scenic – Endless Days
Joakim – Forever Young
Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss (The Time and Space Machine Remix)

What’s your plans for 2011? Should we expect a debut album soon?

Looking forward to playing plenty of summer gigs. We have a collaboration coming up with Le Coq Sportif involving a 7inch release. An album is definitely the next direction we’ll just have to wait and see.

Scenic’s “Another Sky” EP is out now on Future Classic. Buy your copy here. Stream the full release and download the track “Another Sky” for free below:

Scenic – Another Sky by future classic

Download it here.

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