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September 9th, 2011

Cairo by Kamp!

They have never been to Cairo, but they manage to write one of the most infectious songs of the past few months. Kamp!’s new single “Cairo” (watch the video here) is finally out today on the always amazing Discotexas label with remixes by JBAG, Moullinex and Social Disco Club. Formed in 2008 in Lodz, Poland, the rising electro pop trio has already released three singles and their sound has often been described as melodic synth-pop influenced by 80’s new wave, 70’s krautrock and 90’s french house genres. Kamp! stopped by our station and talked to us about music, their influences and future plans. Check out their interview below and make sure you grab their first ever mixtape. Yes, it’s high time we went to Cairo!

La.Ga.Sta.: How did you guys meet and end up making music together?
Kamp!: It’s a quite usual story, three music lovers with an eclectic taste and a huge room full of gear from teenage years in the suburbs. Classic.

What’s the story behind your name?
We always say that kamp means fight in Swedish but there are also some other aesthetic connotations. For us it’s just a good sounding abstract word.

Tell us something about your first release on Discotexas…
After three small releases in Brennnessel (our self-made label), we decided to try something else and go further. We thought of a few good alternative labels and Discotexas was definitely one of them. Professional, relaxed but extremely well organised. Luckily, they liked our demo!

What has influenced you the most?
We’re really nostalgic about the times when mainstream music was good music. So from that point of view we’re really into classics like David Bowie, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Giorgio Moroder or Prince. There’s plenty of ways to re-interpret such big musician and that’s also very inspiring. But hell, every good music is inspiring!

Which is your favorite sound?
Piano! We’re so in love in every piano sound, from synth generated shit to the grand piano.
We use it in almost every our song at the moment and that’s addictive and bad. Another one is the clap sound of TR-707 – sounds good everywhere!

Five words to describe Kamp!…
Hungry, disorganized, polite, lazy, bittersweet.

Distance of the modern hearts by Kamp!

Which are your favorite tracks at the moment?
The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love?
Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (Larry Levan Remix)
Ford & Lopatin – Emergency Room
Inc. – Swear
Africa Bambaataa & UB40 – Reckless
Metronomy – The Bay

What are you most excited about right now?
We’re building a new studio in a beautiful place right now. So collecting all our musical gear in this particular place makes us really high! Hits to come.

What turns you on?

What makes you feel bored?
Playing our old songs live. Can’t wait to blow out the new ones!

Which is your favorite destination?

What are your future plans? Should we expect a full album soon?
Definitely the LP is the greatest part of the plan. We’re almost done with recording it, but still need to find a good label to release it. And that’s the most complicated part of the plan.

Have you ever been to Cairo?
Only during the revolution…

Kamp!’s “Cairo” EP is out today on Discotexas. Stream the whole thing here. Buy here.

Kamp! – mixtape 01

To celebrate the release, Kamp! have put together a tasty 40-minute mix. This is their first ever mixtape. There’s no tracklisting. Download it for free and enjoy.

Download it here.

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