Hannulelauri: ‘Zombie Tropicana’

September 8th, 2010

Finnish duo Hannulelauri (the name is made from splicing together two Finnish names – Hannu and Lauri) will finally release their new 3-track EP, ‘Super Monkey’, on September 9th on Headman’s Relish Recordings. The release will include ‘Super Monkey’ (we’ve heard this track already these last months), Headman’s rework of ‘Super Monkey’ and the new track ‘Zombie Tropicana’ (both Aeroplane and The Magician include it on their latest mixtapes). Yeah, ‘Zombie Tropicana’ is the standout track on the EP. Simply amazing! One of the best tunes we’ve heard lately. This track has been on repeat in our gas stereo all week. You can stream it below.

Hannulelauri: ‘Zombie Tropicana’

Also, you can download Headman’s rework of ‘Super Monkey’ here
Make sure you buy this EP.

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2 Responses to “Hannulelauri: ‘Zombie Tropicana’”

  1. guido says:

    i love zombi tropikana

  2. Gasboy says:

    nomizo prepei na allaxoun titlo sto kommati. Etsi prepei na grafetai kanonika. Para [email protected]

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