Discotexas: Valentine’s Mixtape

February 14th, 2011

Discotexas Valentines Mixtape

A wonderful Valentine’s Mixtape from Discotexas. Recorded by Count Jackula, Lazydisco, Rockets, Moullinex, Xinobi and Tom Lucifer. Enjoy!

01. Trammps: ‘That’s Where Happy People Go’ (Intro)
02. Homework: ‘Whipped Cream’ [Count Jackula Valentine Edit]
03. Evan Evans: ‘Repetition’
04. Midnight Magic: ‘Beam Me Up’ [Jacques Renault Edit]
05. Chilly: ‘For Your Love’
06. 1gnition: ‘Secret Sunday Lover’ [Greg Wilson Edit]
07. 2020 Soundsystem: ‘Ocean’ [Ray Mang Mix]
08. Homework: ‘I Got One’
09. Azari & III: ‘Reckless with Your Love’
10. Hot Chip: ‘Hand me Down Your Love’ [Wild Geese Remix]
11. The Ones: ‘Flawless’ [ATFC Remix]
12. Cassian: ‘I Like What You’re Doing’ [Lorenz Rhode Remix]
13. SymbolOne: ‘Innamorati’
14. Hercules & Love Affair: ‘My House’ [Stopmakingme Remix]
15. Herck: ‘Your Love’
16. Daft Punk: ‘Something About Us’ [Easter Remix]
17. Tapeaters: ‘Satelite’ [Xinobi Remix]
18. Depressed Billionaires: ‘Jasmine’
19. Popof: ‘Serenity’
20. The Field: ‘The More That I Do’

Download it here.

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  1. Junkyard says:

    very nice! i’m always blown away by the tracks that get pulled out of the aether when mixtape time comes around…

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