David Marston & Anna Spackman: “Sun”

April 3rd, 2016

Jamaican producer and musician David Marston has returned to Soul Clap Records with his second solo release after 2014’s debut “Jamaicalia” EP. His new offering, a four-track EP called “Kindness Of Bearer”, features a host of special collaborations, including New York singer Brigitte Zozula, and London-based vocalist Beth Aggett, among others. Our favorite cut from the release is the track “Sun”, a superb tune tinged with melancholy and nostalgia, featuring the soulful vocals from Anna Spackman. Give “Sun” a spin above, and revisit the back-and-white video for the track, directed by Simon Benjamin, below.

The “Kindness Of Bearer” EP is out now digitally via Soul Clap Records. Get it here.

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