AlunaGeorge: “You Know You Like It” Video

June 13th, 2013

London’s AlunaGeorge just dropped a second video for last year’s debut single “You Know You Like It”, which sees the duo partying in an empty swimming pool. This new version of the track is taken from their upcoming debut album “Body Music”, which drops on July 29th via Island.

Directed by Sammy Rawal.

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4 Responses to “AlunaGeorge: “You Know You Like It” Video”

  1. Plau`s Pal says:

    A pair of weird trannies, I guess…what`s on the menu at their favourite restaurant ?

  2. Philgood says:

    Cut down on either the coffee or the coke, please.

  3. Plau`s Pal says:

    It w0z Champagne, man, and old records…

  4. Philgood says:

    Welcome to the club, then.

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